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Copper Bonded Rods

  • Resist corrosion better than galvanized rods allowing for a 30 years service life in most soils 

  • State of the art manufacturing process ensures uniform copper bonding of minimum 254 micron thickness 

  • Average tensile strength of 80,000 psi - Suitable for direct deep drive in soil

  • Manufactures of high strength 1035 cold drawn steel 

  • Available in 14.2 mm, 17.2 mm, 19 mm diameter – 1500 mm and 3000 m long

  • Couplers can be used connecting rods for higher depth 

Copper Bonded Rods: Projects

Earthing Accessories

  • Connection clamps - rod to tape, rod to cable m universal clamp

  • Clamps material- stainless steel, brass , bronze 

  • Exothermic welding kits to lower down contact resistance 

  • Plyethylene insulated earth inspection pit, green color 

  • Equipotential earth rails for multiple connection 

  • Connection conductors- copper bonded conductor, copper tape, GI tape, copper cable 

  • Conductive & non-conductive saddles 

  • Coupler, connectors diagonal & cross for tapes and round conductors 

Earthing accesories .jpg
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