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  • Available in sheet steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, polyester,  polycarbonate for versatile applications

  • Small enclosures, IP66

    •   Sheet steel, sizes upto 800x1000x300mm

    •   Terminal boxes, sizes upto 500x300x120mm

    •   Plastic, sizes upto 1000x1000x300mm

    •   Polycarbonate, sizes upto 360x254x165mm

    •   Aluminum , sizes upto 330x230x180mm

  •   Compact enclosures IP55

    •   Sheet steel, sizes upto 1000x1400x300mm

    •   Stainless steel , sizes upto 1000x1200x300mm

  • With or without viewing window, grey or transparent, hinged doors or covers, modular accessories like mounting plates, glands, foldable handles, locks, installation brackets

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